Toronto Public Library Collective Agreement 2020

The Toronto Public Library (TPL) has recently reached a new collective agreement with its employees in 2020. The agreement was announced on July 9th, 2020, and includes several significant changes that will affect both employees and library users.

One of the primary changes outlined in the agreement is an increase in the minimum wage for TPL employees. Effective in 2021, the minimum wage for part-time employees will increase to $18.36 per hour. This increase will help to provide fair compensation and improve job security for TPL employees.

The agreement also addresses concerns related to job security. The TPL has agreed to maintain its current staffing levels and will not contract out jobs, a move that provides reassurance and peace of mind for TPL employees.

In addition to wage and job security provisions, the new collective agreement also includes improvements to employee benefits and working conditions. For example, employees will receive an additional 20 hours of paid sick leave per year, and part-time employees will be eligible to receive benefits such as dental and vision care.

The TPL collective agreement of 2020 also highlights the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the hiring, retention, and promotion of employees. The library system recognizes the importance of diversity and has committed to implementing measures to ensure that all employees, regardless of their background, have equal opportunities for advancement and success.

As a result of this new collective agreement, TPL employees will receive fair compensation, job security, and improved benefits. Additionally, library users will benefit from the increased staffing levels and the commitment to diversity and inclusivity within the TPL system.

In conclusion, the new 2020 collective agreement between the TPL and its employees is a significant step forward in creating a positive and equitable workplace environment. With these changes in place, both employees and library users can look forward to a brighter future for the TPL system.